24 February 2011

Children's furniture; another decoupaged trunk

Do you like teddies? I do. They help me to cheer my daughter up when she's sad. Also, she loves to fall asleep and cuddle up to her favourite teddy.
I was delighted when found decoupage paper with this motif. It took me a while to finish this project; especially lettering was quite challenging (I can't work with artificial light, but had no time to do it during a day).

10 February 2011

Decoupage with napkins - jars of herbs and spices

I love herbs and spices in my kitchen, but hate the fact that opened bags and packets make such a mess in a cabinet. So this set of jars caugh my eye in my favourite charity shop. To give them a better look I used napkins with herbal motif and green and white acrylic paint. A bit of shabby chic on the edges gives the shelf some cottage style.


And after:

6 February 2011

Decoupage with crackle effect

Another wooden peg rack. This time I used a two-part crackle glaze that imitates old cracked varnish. To make the cracks more visible I filled them with a special powder called porporina.

I decorated this wooden box for my friend Nicholas. Hope it will remind him his last year's pilgrimage from England to Rome - 2000 km on foot in 79 days. Wow, this was something, wasn't it?
I used: decoupage paper in one piece, decoupage glue, acrylic paints and varnish.