31 May 2012

Dinner is ready! :) Decoupaged trays

Today something easy yet useful.
You need: wooden tray (you can get one even in Poundland), acrylic paint, decoupage paper or napkin, decoupage glue. For even better effect you can use dye for wood  insted of brown paint.
Paint the tray outside with dye (one coat is enough). Be careful - dye is watery and stains everything around.
Watch not to stain inside the tray. Once it's dry paint the inside with white acrylic paint. Two coats might be neccessary. Cut out your motif and stick it with decoupage glue. Press gently with your fingers and remove any bubbles of the air. Be gently especially with delicate tissues or napkins. Let it dry. Apply several coats of varnish. Ta-daaam! :)