31 October 2011

Decoupage on glass

There is a game I really like. It's called Word Associations... Shall we have a go?
Well, it's autumn... So, autumn - harvest - trees - apples - cider - bottle - glass - decoupage :)
When we finished that delicious cider, I had no doubt the bottle was too pretty to throw it away.
And when spread all my paints and materials on the table, I've notice another bottle standing on the cupboard. It wasn't even empty, but its shape was so nice and I decorated it as well. After puting two coats of varnish, I've done a top up with olive oil and put it back on the shelf.
The cider bottle has been still waiting for the right usage idea.
It is a good fun with decu on the glass. How many pretty bottles or jars are in your kitchen?
You can easly turn them into something unique. Enjoy your autumn associations then :)