23 December 2010

For Christmas

Let your Christmas will be full of true joy;
let Baby Jesus bring you peace, hope and love;
let the Star will shine upon your home.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

18 December 2010

Christmas decorations

I have planned to prepare more decorations but there is never enough time...
So here is what we have for now: walnut christmas trees and salt dought angels. The figures of the Holy Family are made from natural beewax and smell beautifuly! It's a gift from a friend of mine.

20 November 2010

Advent wreath

So we have our first decoration. Klara enjoyed assisting me at the beginnig but got bored quickly. This made me able to finish my wreath :)

Below a short course: how to make a rose from autumn leaves. This is a good fun, have a go :) I only regret couldn't find red leaves under my maple tree this year...

Fold the leaf in half.

Roll your leaf from one end to the other. Wrap around with the second and third leaf.

Tie up with the thread

voila! :)

18 November 2010

Waiting for Advent

While so many can't wait for Christmas I look forward to Advent - a time when Christians reflect and prepare for the arrival of the infant Jesus. As a child I thought this time would never end, four weeks felt like an eternity. Now as and adult it passes in the twinkling of an eye. I remember all the lovely smells of baked ginger bread and other home-made goodies. My mum started preparing some of them 2-3 weeks before Christmas. I also remember those shimmerings in frost and snow under my feet when we went to the church in the early morning. We would go there holding candles as it was still dark at 6:00. For us this was also a symbol of waiting. Now I wonder: are we ready to wait nowadays? I hope not everyone wants Christmas in November...

It's my daughter's second Christmas this year. Hope next time she will be grown up enough to help me with Advent and Christmas decorations. For now, she helped me to collect fallen, coloured leaves. Her first steps, still a bit wobbly make her very proud :) Today, we are creating an advent wreath. Hope it will be ready tomorrow to share photos with you.