14 November 2013

Decoupage, hortenses and cracquelure

I was trying to tidy up our house and dispose all the leftovers from my craft boxes. Old cans with paint, brushes, pieces of paper etc. I've found a bottle with "cracquelure varnish". It was almost dry, but I still could use several drops. Just enough to create a small, romantic jewelery box with hortenses. And just in time - all shrubs of these flowers were blooming.

19 May 2013

Jewellery box

Today a hint of traditional decoupage. Flowery pattern cut out from a napkin tissue and some acrylic shading by the edges. To get some 'antique' look I used craquelle varnish and filled cracks with a special powder. 
Several coats of transparent varnish and ta-daam! :)
Lovely flowery May days to every one!