13 March 2012

In memory of auntie Mary and other retro ladies

There are many old photos kept by my family. Some of them looks a bit shabby, the paper is torn in many places. But all of them are sharp so we can easily recognise faces and notice interesting details. They bring memories and work like an amazing time machine. I've chosen 3 pictures to show you this time. As a true lover of the 20's, I'd like to make something in memory of that golden epoch.
Do you know that you can create your own decoupage paper? Choose some photos, scan them and add some effects (or not) and print them on thin paper. It's better to use a laser printer to avoid smudging the image.
As I'm struggling with my printer at the moment, I had to use ready paper from the art shop. I used it to decorate another children's chair in some romantic style. The images are older then my photos, I think they are from lovely victorian age.

Members of the cathedral choir in Siedlce, Poland. 1922.
And these purses... In my opinion - nicer than from Accessorize :)

My grandma's cousin. Early 20's.

My aunt Maria Waszewska - Jackowa (grandma's sister). Around 1925.
All women from my grandma's side had so beautiful hair.

In memory of auntie Maria. My design idea for a "family t-shirt". I'm wondering if my cousins would recognise who's in the picture :)

Retro children's chair - victorian motifs. Decoupage paper