16 July 2012

More Italian inspirations...

Apart from wonderful memories and spectacular sun tan (it's now disappearing under English rainy clouds), I've brought gorgeous decoupage paper. To my mind, Italian papers are the most beautiful, to say nothing about the quality. Those I'm showing here today will be used to decorate bedroom furniture. 
I'll share with you some photos, when the project is completed.
Keep warm and dry! :)

8 July 2012

Tuscan inspirations

Struggling with the wettest July in history it's hard to believe there are places under beautiful sunshine.
I was lucky to have a break from our dreadful rains and escape to the land of sun, vineyards, delicious food and cicadas melody in the hot evenings. The homeland of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Giotto... A great inspiration of impressionists... Tuscany!



I spent a week in a lovely stone farm house from XIV, with spectacular view at Montalcino, vineyards and hills. Having an amazing opportunity to admire original Tuscan interiors style, I took a course of restoring furniture and got lots of inspirations and new ideas for my future projects.

A special thanks to Marcella from LaCasella in Montalcino for her hospitality and sharing with me her experience in decorating and interior designing.