18 September 2011

Retro tea box

I have to say I cannot resist that special "retro" charm of old wooden boxes. But flea markets are not the only way to get them. There is so much more fun if you create your own and decorate it with your favourite motif, lettering or whatever you want. You can also add a hint of shabby chic to make it look even more retro :)


- wooden box
- decoupage paper or tissue napkins
- decoupage glue
- acrylic paints
- water based varnish
- dye for wood (or just acrylic paint)
- sand paper fine
- a candle

1. Sand the box and remove dust carefully
2. Paint the main part of the box with dye. Remeber to protect the surface you work on as dye stains everything around. One coat should be enough. Let it dry for about half an hour.
3. Paint the lid with white acrylic paint. Let dry.
4. Paint edges of the lid in brown and when dry apply a bit of wax from the candle.
5. Apply another coat of white paint and let dry again.
6. Glue your motif and let dry.
7. Rub the edges in a few places with sanding paper to achieve some shabby-chic effect. Don't do it in too many places.
5. Paint some background that goes with your theme or add some shading to create depth of your picture. Let dry.
6. Apply several coats of varnish.
TIP: To achieve some antique effect add a drop of brown paint to the varnish.