23 January 2012

Children's furniture - new project

It was the last carboot sale before winter. Too windy to have a wander round the stalls, it was rather a quick run across the market. Suddenly, something caught my eye. It was a pretty old, small, tatty coffee table. Solid oak wood, though. And a price... one pound! I didn't plan to turn it into anything different than a new coffee table, but when my daughter saw it, I knew I'll paint another piece of children's furniture.



I used the same motif to decorate the chair.

My little daughter really enjoyed it :)


  1. Your daughter knows what is good, isn't she? and I'm pretty sure that is not only the consequence of her education, it is rather something in her gens... greetings from my new residence in Santa's House, North Pole ;)
    Maybe I should order from you some more these lovely decoupaged tables?

  2. Dear Einherjer, thanks for your comment! When you meet Santa, give him a big hug from us :) And be strong at the place you live - spring is coming in the UK, so just 3-4 months and it'll appear in Iceland as well:D